Yue (Sunny) Bell’s journey into volunteering at HBNC began over three months ago when she was struggling with a sore back from her housekeeping job. Seeking assistance, she was referred to Hayley at HBNC and decided she wanted to give back to the community after receiving help herself. Sunny thoroughly enjoys working in the kitchen but is passionate about minimising waste, reflecting her cultural and religious beliefs where nothing is wasted. She takes pride in teaching others to save, reuse, and recycle, embodying the values of sustainability. Hayley, who assisted Sunny at HBNC, made a lasting impression with her kindness and helpfulness. Sunny also found the volunteers in the kitchen to be very nice people, fostering a sense of camaraderie and warmth. Encouraging others to volunteer, Sunny describes the experience as happy, friendly, kind, and social. She believes that volunteering is a great choice for anyone looking to make a positive impact in their community.