Donna Sinclair’s journey as a volunteer for the Fraser Coast Laughter Club spans seven years, driven by her desire to give back to the community and utilise her skills. Inspired by a workshop on Laughter Yoga, Donna fell in love with it and now leads the class, recognising the universal benefits of laughter.

One memorable experience for Donna was during tough times a couple of years ago when she received support from Karen Flannery, which inspired her to volunteer and help others. Volunteering has shifted her focus to others, bringing her out of herself and boosting her sense of purpose and self-esteem.

Throughout her volunteer journey, Donna has been deeply impressed by Karen Flannery’s dedication to the Laughter Yoga sessions, leaving a lasting impression on her. Her advice to aspiring volunteers is to try different opportunities until they find their place, emphasising the value of what they have to offer.

In describing her volunteer journey, Donna chooses the phrase “Journey of discovery and friendship,” highlighting the learning experience and the bonds formed while spreading joy through laughter.