Our objectives

TransComCare is a Community Transport program operating and sponsored by the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre available for the frail, the aged, people with a disability and their carers who find it difficult to use public transport or have no other means of transport. The service is available to take clients to doctors, dentists, hospital appointments, shopping and to social activities.

Eligible clients, carers or other agencies can register for assessment with our service by telephoning 4194 3080 and speaking to the Coordinator or Project Officer. Community transport refers to providing subsidised transport from home to such appointments as medical appointments or social events and the return trip home. Clients are asked to make a contribution.

TransComCare provides transport around the local district. This service is funded by the Australian Government Commonwealth Home Support Program and the Queensland Government Community Care Program and managed by the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.

Staff and volunteer drivers work together to provide quality transport working under the ethos of the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.

 Our friendly TransComCare team

Who is Eligible

To be eligible a person must meet all following criteria:

  • Be eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or Queensland Community Care (QCC) Program.
  • Be a resident of Hervey Bay
  • Be a person who is frail, aged, disabled (temporary or permanent)
  • Be living at home
  • Find it difficult to use public transport or have no other means of transport
  • Do not have a current drivers licence
  • Be a carer of a person who is frail, aged, disabled (temporary or permanent)
  • Friends and neighbours cannot use the service. They may seek registration with TransComCare as a separate client but must meet the CHSP and QCC criteria.

You must tell us when your circumstances change. For example, if you or your partner move into a high care facility or you are no longer a Carer.

  • To receive this service, you must be CHSP or QCC eligible.

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Transport Options

  • TransComCare Bus
  • TransComCare cars

The Drivers

The drivers of TransComCare come from a pool of volunteers of the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre. The Operations Manager assesses and ‘registers the person as a volunteer, placing them within the program that best suits. Should that program be TransComCare, the volunteer will have an induction process where they will be skilled on being a driver. In addition it is a requirement that each driver obtains a Drivers Authorisation Licence within six months of commencing. While with TransComCare, the driver will continue to receive support and monitoring of their work. In addition, drivers are assessed through Queensland Police with the completion of a criminal history check.

Making your Booking
To ensure that we get you to your appointment on time, please ensure you:

  • Give us 3 working days notice of your transport needs.
  • Give us your full name and telephone number
  • Your address
  • Pick–up location and destination
  • The day and date you require the transport
  • The time of your appointment and time you require us to pick you up again
  • If a carer will be travelling with you- this is important for us to know for seating arrangements.


When travelling with TransComCare, you will be expected to make a contribution.  This is sought to assist in the cost of the service.  However, should you find you are faced with financial difficulty do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator to negotiate the payment.  This contribution is used solely for the provision of providing transport.

How Many Trips Am I Allowed?

You are entitled to have 2 trips per week with TransComCare – Monday to Friday.
These can be to any event or appointment of your choice. For example, to the doctors, a social event, shopping, swimming, to visit a friend. However, you cannot ‘bank’ your trips over time.

If you require more than two trips per week please call the coordinator to discuss your situation.
To ensure that we get you to your destination on time please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Be ready at least 30 minutes prior to your pick-up time. Because we have many people to transport in one day, we may have to pick you up slightly earlier.
  • Be aware that at times we also do run late. If we are late for you, please wait for us, as we will be at your place as soon as we can.
  • Have your money ready to pay the driver when they pick you up from your home. Please have the right money – drivers do not carry change.
  • Be waiting for your driver where he/she can see you.
  • It is Government Policy to refrain from smoking in our vehicles.
  • If you need to cancel, please call the office as soon as you can.

Contact us

Please phone TransComCare directly to make a booking or enquiry.

Alternatively visit our contact page to contact the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre.