Jannifer Noble’s journey into volunteering with the Fraser Coast Laughter Club began when she recognised the need for a leader within the group. Undertaking a leadership course enabled her to step into this role, driven by the desire to bring immense benefits to the community through laughter.

One of Jannifer’s most memorable experiences as a volunteer has been the transformation she has undergone personally. Volunteering has opened her up, improved her communication skills, and reconnected her with her inner child, resulting in a profound sense of liberation and upliftment.

Throughout her volunteering journey, Jannifer has encountered various individuals and situations that have left a lasting impression on her. She believes that anyone can volunteer and that the experience can lead to incredible self-discovery and growth, especially in rebuilding connections post-COVID-19.

In one word, Jannifer describes her volunteer journey as “amazing” because of the tremendous personal growth it has facilitated. Through her dedication to spreading joy and laughter, she continues to positively impact the lives of countless individuals in her community.