Valentina Valdivia’s journey into volunteering began in 2021 when she decided to utilise her creativity through art to support animal welfare organisations. Making badges and donating proceeds to Paws 4 a Cause and animal refuges became her way of giving back.

When Valentina started with her market stall selling bookmarks, it was at the Hervey Bay Animal Refuge, selling her bookmarks and raising funds for their refuge. Since then, she has expanded to other animal refuges, such as the Guinea Pigs Sanctuary, Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary and various donations to local animal refuges. She has her badges available for sale at various locations at Nissen Street Vets, Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary and Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough.

Visiting the animal refuges and wildlife sanctuary left a lasting impression on Valentina, inspiring her dedication to animal welfare. Witnessing the passion and dedication of those working in these organisations touched her heart deeply.

In describing her volunteer journey, Valentina expresses that it has been a fulfilling experience to contribute to groups that help animals. Through her artistic endeavours, she found a meaningful way to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.