For the past 16 years, Peter Voss has been an invaluable volunteer, including two years at the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre, where he shares his expertise as a computer and phone tutor. His decision to volunteer stemmed from a recognised need for IT support at the centre, prompting him to offer his knowledge and skills.

Reflecting on his volunteer experience, Peter recalls numerous memorable moments of overcoming IT challenges and finding innovative solutions. Volunteering has not only allowed him to help others navigate technology but has also broadened his own perspective by encouraging active listening and mutual exchange.

Encountering various individuals and situations during his volunteer work has left a lasting impression on Peter. His advice to potential volunteers is straightforward: seize the opportunity to make a positive impact on both your life and others’.

Describing his volunteer journey as a continuous process of learning and growth, Peter emphasises the importance of embracing new experiences and never shying away from acquiring new skills. Through his dedication to empowering others through technology, Peter embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and service.