Sue Jones’ journey as a volunteer instructor for line dancing at the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre began unexpectedly when she stepped in to help an injured instructor. Her natural ability and enthusiasm led her to take over the class, and she has been leading ever since, dedicating five years to spreading joy through dance.

One memorable experience for Sue was organising a flash mob at Stocklands, where many people joined in the spontaneous dance, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere. Another highlight was during Seniors Month, where she felt energised by the positive atmosphere and sense of community.

Volunteering has had a profound impact on Sue’s life, bringing her out of her shell and providing fulfillment since retiring. She finds joy in bringing fun into activities and witnessing the positive impact of dance on others.

One particular person who left a lasting impression on Sue is a lady in a wheelchair who actively participates in her classes. Helping her to be social and engage with others brings Sue immense happiness and serves as a source of inspiration.

Reflecting on her volunteer journey, Sue describes it as “educational” and “inspiring,” highlighting the joy she finds in helping people and improving their lives through dance. She encourages others to volunteer, emphasising the rewarding and fulfilling nature of making a positive difference in the community.