For the past 8 years, Michelle Valdivia, a.k.a Miss Shelly Seashells, has dedicated her time to teaching painting to the community and volunteering for ZPac marketing and projects. Her decision to volunteer was driven by her passion for art and her belief in social inclusion through creative expression. One memorable experience for Michelle has been witnessing the profound impact of art on people of all ages and abilities in the community.

One project Michelle took part in, was the Maryborough Mural Project in 20172018, and painted a 3mx 4m mural of the Mary River Turtle on Bazaar St.

Volunteering has not only been rewarding but has also reaffirmed the universal benefits of art for individuals and communities.

Throughout her volunteer journey, Michelle has been inspired by the remarkable dedication of volunteers at the community kitchen, who provide exceptional service and dignity to those in need. Additionally, the commitment of the ZPac actors and team members volunteering for community theatre projects has left a lasting impression on her.

In describing her volunteer journey, Michelle chooses the word “humble,” reflecting her gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and the enlightening experiences she has encountered along the way.