Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc. (TITR) was born out of concern for the increasing number of unwell sea turtles in the Fraser Coast region. Committed volunteers identified the need for a specialised rescue group to protect these vulnerable creatures, leading to the formation of TITR.

A particularly memorable experience for TITR volunteers is the emotional release of rehabilitated sea turtles back into their natural habitat. This moment symbolises the success of their efforts and the second chance at life they’ve provided for these majestic creatures.

The generosity of the community, from individuals to businesses, has deeply impacted TITR volunteers, inspiring and driving their passion for sea turtle conservation. Their advice to aspiring volunteers is to find a cause they are passionate about, as volunteering can lead to finding purpose and fulfillment.

In describing their volunteer journey, TITR chooses the phrase “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Their achievements are a testament to the dedication, passion, and collaborative efforts of their volunteers, highlighting the power of teamwork in achieving conservation goals.