Toffee, a seven-year-old Australian Cobberdog, serves as a beacon of comfort and joy in her role as a therapy dog for Pawsitive Psychology. For the past 3.5 years, Toffee has dedicated 15 hours per week to spreading smiles and providing solace to at least 100 individuals.

Toffee’s journey into volunteering began with her innate ability to sense distress in others. When clients are in need, Toffee gently approaches, offering a fluffy paw and a reassuring presence. Her exuberant personality, marked by a wide grin and a wagging tail, quickly turns interactions into lively games of tug-a-war or fetch.

Reflecting on memorable moments, Toffee’s owner recalls her boisterous streak and playful nature. At home, Toffee assumes the role of the “top dog,” keeping a watchful eye on her feline siblings and serving as the selfappointed neighbourhood guard dog, announcing the arrival of the mailman and deliveries.

One impactful aspect of Toffee’s volunteer work is her role as a mother. In 2018, she had a litter of nine puppies, passing on her gentle nature and inquisitive mind. Several of her offspring have followed in her paw prints, becoming therapy, assistance, and companion dogs. Toffee has since retired from breeding to focus entirely on her role as a therapy dog.

Describing her volunteer journey in a playful “Whoof! Whoof!” Toffee emphasises her love for being around humans and helping others. Her unique ability to connect with people, coupled with her joyful spirit, has left a mark on those she has touched throughout her volunteering journey.

When asked for advice to potential volunteers, Toffee’s story highlights the transformative power of animals in therapeutic roles. “Find something you love and share it with others,” Toffee seems to bark, encapsulating the essence of a volunteer’s rewarding journey.