Sue Murray’s journey with the Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Club spans an impressive 17.5 years, during which she has dedicated over 2000 hours to ensuring the safety of beachgoers and promoting water awareness. Her decision to volunteer for the organisation was deeply rooted in her childhood experiences, where family trips to surf beaches instilled a love for the water and a desire to pass on water safety skills to her children.

Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Sue recalls a memorable moment when she was nominated and won the first Women in Sport award in Hervey Bay for her contributions to Surf Lifesaving. This recognition not only affirmed her commitment to the cause but also fuelled her personal growth and development. Volunteering has shaped Sue’s perspective by providing her with opportunities for interaction and connection with both locals and visitors, reinforcing the importance of community engagement and water safety awareness.

Throughout her volunteer journey, Sue has encountered numerous individuals and situations that have left a lasting impression on her. From seasoned members passing on their knowledge to the camaraderie shared among volunteers of all ages, Sue emphasises that there are no barriers in Surf Lifesaving, welcoming everyone to enjoy time at the beach and contribute to the safety and well-being of others.

Offering advice to aspiring volunteers, Sue encourages them to embrace the opportunity to give back, highlighting the personal rewards and fulfillment that come with volunteering. For Sue, volunteering has enabled her to live her best life, allowing her to make a meaningful impact while enjoying her passion for the beach and water safety.

In essence, Sue Murray’s volunteer journey exemplifies the transformative power of community engagement and the enduring impact of dedication to a cause greater than oneself. Through her unwavering commitment to the Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, Sue continues to inspire others and contribute to the safety and well-being of her community.