Shirley Watson, a compassionate volunteer with Fraser Coast Hospice, has dedicated approximately 6 months, contributing around 50 hours of service to the organisation. As a new resident in Hervey Bay, Shirley sought an opportunity to lend a helping hand to families in need, leading her to the Hospice.

Motivated by the Hospice’s mission to offer support in a pleasant environment during challenging times, Shirley was drawn to contribute her time and energy to make a positive impact. The stories she heard from individuals who had lost loved ones and the struggles they faced until the Hospice stepped in resonated deeply with Shirley, reinforcing the importance of the services provided.

Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Shirley shares, “A small amount of your time can help so many.” In her brief time volunteering, she has witnessed the significant difference that even a modest investment of time can make in the lives of those navigating difficult circumstances. Shirley finds fulfillment in knowing that her contributions are helping to ease the burden for individuals and families in their time of need.

For Shirley, volunteering is about making a difference and extending support to those who may be going through challenging moments. Her commitment to Fraser Coast Hospice exemplifies the positive impact individuals can make when they choose to dedicate their time and energy to helping others.

Shirley Watson’s story reflects the spirit of community and compassion, highlighting the transformative power of volunteering in creating a supportive and caring environment during difficult times. Her dedication to making a difference serves as an inspiration for others to actively contribute to their communities.