Ross Hamilton, a dedicated volunteer for the Youth Mentoring Program, has generously given his time for approximately 8 years, dedicating 2 hours per week for 30 weeks each year. Throughout this time, he estimates he has helped around 150 individuals.

Ross’s journey into volunteering for the Youth Mentoring Program was a stroke of chance. A visit to the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre led him to discover a training session for Youth Mentoring starting the next day. Originally considering sharing his passion for guitar, the prospect of youth mentoring intrigued him.

Reflecting on his volunteer experience, Ross acknowledges that he would have appreciated someone’s help with his school work when he needed it. This realisation motivates him to connect with students and offer support in subjects like maths, envisioning the positive impact such assistance could have had in his own past.

Encountering the unique talents and potential of the students has left a lasting impression on Ross. He emphasises that these individuals are good people with diverse and interesting talents. His advice to potential volunteers is straightforward: “Volunteering can be quite meaningful, and if you have the time and interest, you can get a lot of satisfaction from helping.”

Ross is committed to making a positive impact on young lives, sharing his knowledge and support to shape their perspectives and provide them with opportunities for growth. Ross’s story highlights the profound impact that volunteering can have on both the volunteer and those they aim to help.