For the past 18 years, Robyn Golby has been an integral part of the Hervey Bay community, dedicating herself to various volunteer initiatives that have touched the lives of hundreds of people. With her passion for social connection and her thirst for knowledge, Robyn has become part of several community projects, including Hervey Bay Family History, Hervey Bay Yarn Bombers, Ryerson Index, and Artslink.

Robyn’s journey into volunteering began as a quest for social connection and personal growth. Fascinated by her own family history, she saw volunteering as an opportunity to not only learn more about her roots but also to meet new people and contribute to her community. Little did she know that this decision would lead to an enriching and rewarding journey of service that would span nearly two decades.

One of Robyn’s most memorable experiences as a volunteer occurred during her involvement with the Hervey Bay Yarn Bombers. While putting up Christmas decorations to adorn the trees in Torquay, a lady approached Robyn and said her daughter had just asked her the day before “when would the trees be getting their coats on’’. This whimsical moment captured the essence of community spirit and creativity that defines the Yarn Bombers’ projects—a reminder of the joy and laughter that volunteering can bring. For Robyn, the word “rewarding” encapsulates her volunteer journey. Whether she’s helping individuals trace their family histories, yarn bombing the streets of Hervey Bay, or contributing to community arts projects, Robyn finds fulfillment in knowing that her efforts are making a difference. Through volunteering, she has discovered a sense of purpose and belonging that enriches her life in countless ways.

As she continues her volunteer work, Robyn remains committed to weaving threads of connection and community throughout Hervey Bay. Her dedication and enthusiasm serve as an inspiration to others, reminding us of the power of giving back and the joy that comes from making a positive impact in the lives of those around us. In Robyn Golby, we see the true spirit of volunteerism—a passion for service, a love of community, and a commitment to making the world a brighter, more colourful place, one stitch at a time.