For three years, Pippa Dower has been a passionate volunteer leader with the Fraser Coast Laughter Club. Recognising the need for greater community involvement, Pippa decided to step up and volunteer at the Hervey Bay Citizen Centre, fostering social connections and well-being.

One memorable experience for Pippa has been witnessing the social bonds and joy that have emerged within the laughter club. Volunteering has not only enriched her life but has also provided unexpected benefits and something to look forward to each day.

Encountering diverse individuals and situations while volunteering has left a lasting impression on Pippa. Her advice to aspiring volunteers is simple yet profound: give it a try, as the rewards often exceed expectations and bring a sense of satisfaction and positivity to both volunteers and those they serve.

Describing her volunteer journey as one of immense satisfaction, Pippa emphasises the positive impact that volunteering has had on the entire group’s well-being and outlook on life. Through her dedication to spreading joy and wellness, Pippa embodies the spirit of selflessness and community service.