Meet Paula Adam, a dedicated volunteer with the Maryborough State Emergency Service (SES), who has been making a significant impact for approximately five years, contributing over 2000 hours to the community.

Paula’s selfless commitment to helping others stems from a deep-rooted belief that everyone can make a difference, inspired by the Orange Army’s resilience during the 2011 floods.

“Helping others is something that comes very naturally to me. I wanted to be able to help others who cannot help themselves, and I saw firsthand the way the Orange Army helped so many in their time of need during the floods in 2011,” Paula shares. Motivated by the desire to contribute to making the world a better place, Paula and her family began their volunteer journey with local charities. Their efforts, no matter how small, are a testament to the positive impact individuals can have on their community.

A memorable experience for Paula is the pride and self-worth she feels from knowing she has helped numerous people during floods, fires, and general deployments. The joy of making a difference and the gratitude she receives from those she assists have shaped her perspective on life. “I look forward to continuing my mission and helping more people in the future. I’m proud to be part of the Orange Army, and I’m looking forward to the future,” she expresses.

Reflecting on a particular moment that left a lasting impression, Paula recalls her first search for a missing person. Despite being young and inexperienced, her determination to find the individual resulted in a successful outcome. Witnessing the relief on the person’s face and the overwhelming joy of their family and the search team left an indelible mark on her. Paula believes that contributing to society is an act of selflessness that benefits everyone, emphasising the importance of showing compassion and humanity through volunteering.

If Paula could describe her volunteer journey in one word or phrase, it would be “Proud.” Wearing the orange uniform and helping others has instilled in her a sense of pride and accomplishment. Paula envisions a world where more people step forward to lend a helping hand, making the world a truly amazing place. Her commitment to the Orange Army exemplifies the transformative power of volunteering and the positive impact it can have on both individuals and communities.