Embarking on a selfless journey, Patrick McMahon has been a dedicated volunteer at the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre (HBNC) for 2.5 years, committing 15 hours each week to making a difference. His altruistic spirit extends beyond specific tasks, as Patrick plays a crucial role in supporting the entire staff, making a daily impact on the community.

Patrick’s decision to volunteer was rooted in a deep-seated desire to give back. He shares, “I always wanted to give back to the community. Instead of taking, I would rather give back. It’s rewarding and fulfilling.” His commitment to contributing to the well-being of others reflects a genuine dedication to the principles of community service.

One of Patrick’s most memorable experiences during his volunteering journey has been a transformative shift in perspective. He admits, “Before volunteering at HBNC, I didn’t realise there were so many people in need, and it has changed my perspective. You don’t realise the amount of help available until working or volunteering at HBNC.” This realisation underscores the eye-opening nature of volunteering and its potential to broaden one’s understanding of community needs.

Summing up his volunteer journey, Patrick chooses the phrase “Many hands make light work, and volunteering is very rewarding.” This encapsulates the collaborative and fulfilling nature of volunteering, emphasising the collective effort that leads to positive outcomes.

Patrick McMahon’s commitment to the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre goes beyond the hours he dedicates each week; it reflects a genuine belief in the power of community support. As Patrick continues to lend his time and energy, he stands as a beacon of inspiration for others looking to make a meaningful impact through volunteering.