Mick Irwin, a dedicated volunteer for Rally for a Cause Dunga Derby, embarked on his altruistic journey nine years ago, inspired by the adversity faced by a friend’s 5-year-old son battling a severe medical condition. Determined to provide financial support, Mick and his friends initiated the Dunga Derby, a car rally supporting Rally for a Cause.

“Seeing our friends go through such a tough time, we wanted to make a difference. That’s when the idea of Dunga Derby was born,” Mick reflects, on the pivotal moment that set him on the path of volunteering.

Over the years, Mick has dedicated approximately 10 hours a week to volunteering, aiding around 300 local families. One impactful experience that stands out is the joy he witnessed when gifting a camera to a woman unable to dance due to her diagnosis. “We gave her something else to focus on, and she loved it,” Mick recalls, highlighting the profound impact volunteering can have on individuals facing challenges.

However, Mick’s most lasting impression came from a modest request for a small ramp for a child who uses a wheelchair. Spurred by compassion, Mick rallied his colleagues and local businesses to transform the family’s backyard. “To see everyone come together was a special moment,” he shares, emphasising the collective power of community-driven initiatives.

Reflecting on his volunteer journey, Mick encapsulates it in a single phrase: “Hang on, because you are in for the ride of your life.” He emphasises the hard work involved but underscores the gratification of witnessing the community’s positive transformation.

When asked about advice for potential volunteers, Mick emphasises the importance of collective effort. “Every bit counts. Don’t underestimate the impact even a small act of kindness can have on someone’s life,” he suggests, echoing the sentiment that no contribution is too insignificant in the realm of volunteering.

Mick’s journey as a volunteer showcases the resilience of communities and the profound impact that individuals can have when united by a common cause. Through the Rally for a Cause Dunga Derby, Mick has not only helped countless families but also experienced firsthand the transformative power of volunteerism.