Nestled in Urangan, Michael Steeth has become an integral part of The Tree House at the Urangan Community Wellness Centre, volunteering his time and expertise to make a difference in the lives of those seeking assistance with information technology. Over the past four months, Michael has devoted four hours per week, demonstrating his commitment to community service.

Michael’s decision to volunteer was driven by a desire to give back to the Fraser Coast community and provide crucial assistance in the realm of information technology. He states, “To give back to the community in the Fraser Coast area and assist people who need help in information technology and computer/mobile/iPads.” His dedication to bridging the digital divide highlights a commendable commitment to empowering others through technology.

Throughout his four-month tenure, Michael estimates he has assisted 24 individuals, making a tangible impact on their technological challenges. When asked about his most memorable experience, he reflects on the satisfaction of helping people with disabilities. “I really appreciate helping people who have disabilities, and this makes me have a better appreciation for those people, and this helps me.” Michael’s commitment to supporting those with disabilities demonstrates the transformative power of volunteering, fostering empathy and understanding.

One situation left a lasting impression on Michael: assisting a person with disabilities in fixing a sign-in problem on his laptop. This experience underscored the meaningful connection that volunteering can create. Reflecting on his advice to others considering volunteering, Michael emphatically states, “Volunteering is great and makes you a great person.” His words resonate with the intrinsic rewards of selflessness and the positive impact it has on both the volunteer and the community.

Describing volunteering in one phrase, Michael chooses “Satisfaction and helping people of all ages.” This encapsulates the essence of his volunteer experience, highlighting the fulfillment derived from contributing to the well-being of individuals across different age groups.

As The Tree House at the Urangan Community Wellness Centre celebrates the spirit of volunteers, Michael Steeth stands as a shining example of how technological expertise can be a catalyst for positive change. His dedication to assisting others, particularly those with disabilities, showcases the diverse ways in which volunteers contribute to the betterment of their community.