For Lynn Harris, volunteering has been a cornerstone of her life in Hervey Bay for over 25 years. Engaging with organisations like U3A, Artslink, and serving as Vice President and Committee Member for several community groups, Lynn found her passion for the arts intertwined with her desire to connect people and serve her community.

Reflecting on her decision to volunteer, Lynn credits her upbringing and the influence of her mother, whom she considers a good Samaritan. Volunteering, she describes, is akin to “soul food,” nourishing her spirit and providing a sense of fulfillment.

Among her many experiences, one stands out vividly: a paint session on the pier where her granddaughter joined in, creating a memorable moment shared with fellow participants. Through volunteering, Lynn has found purpose, satisfaction, and an expansive network of connections.

One individual who left a lasting impression on Lynn is Kerry Marshall, whose dedication and drive during her tenure at Artslink served as an inspiration. Lynn’s advice to aspiring volunteers is to prioritize self-care while recognising the transformative power and positive impact of giving back to the community.

Summing up her volunteer journey as “life-changing,” Lynn emphasises the profound lessons learned from others and the transformative nature of service to others.