Ken Ashford’s dedication to Scouts QLD spans an impressive 54 years, during which he has contributed over 80,000 hours of volunteer service, positively impacting many thousands of lives. His journey began at the age of 18, driven by his passion for scouting and a desire to continue his involvement as a leader.

Reflecting on his volunteer journey, Ken recalls numerous memorable moments, but one stands out—the profound impact scouting has had on his own family. Witnessing his three children grow and flourish within the scout program, Ken attributes their development into well-balanced and responsible adults to the values instilled by scouting. For Ken, scouting’s high moral code aligns with his personal beliefs, shaping his perspective and providing a fulfilling sense of purpose.

Ken’s advice to aspiring volunteers is simple yet profound: don’t hesitate, volunteer. Through hard work and dedication, volunteers can experience the satisfaction of helping others, witnessing projects come to fruition, and forging meaningful connections with fellow volunteers. For Ken, volunteering is not just about giving back; it’s about personal growth, camaraderie, and staying active both physically and mentally.

Describing his volunteer journey in one phrase, Ken chooses, “I’d do it all over again.” This sentiment encapsulates his unwavering commitment to scouting and the enduring impact it has had on his life. For Ken, the joy of volunteering lies not only in the service rendered but also in the opportunity to make a difference and create lasting memories along the way.