Karen Flannery’s journey with the Fraser Coast Laughter Club is a testament to the transformative power of laughter in fostering well-being and community connection. However, her volunteerism is not limited to laughter yoga; it extends to her significant contributions to the success story of the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre.

As a dedicated volunteer and leader within the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre since 2015, Karen has played a pivotal role in its growth and success. The centre, initially an old building with limited resources, has undergone remarkable upgrades and improvements under Karen’s guidance. Managed by herself and a committed Management Committee, along with volunteers running the front counter and leading various activities, the centre has become a thriving hub for the community.

Karen’s leadership and commitment have been instrumental in the centre’s evolution into a self-sustaining entity, operating without reliance on external grants or subsidies. Despite its humble beginnings in 1985, the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre now stands as a shining example of volunteerdriven success in Hervey Bay.

Transitioning from her teaching career to leading a community club with over 800 members, Karen empowers individuals to prioritise their mental and physical health. Through her dedication to the centre’s mission, Karen has created a welcoming environment where members can engage in various activities, fostering holistic well-being and a sense of belonging.

Reflecting on her volunteer journey, Karen describes it as “joyous, happy, full of laughter,” underscoring the profound impact of community connection and shared laughter on individual well-being. Her commitment to spreading joy and healing through laughter yoga aligns seamlessly with her efforts at the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre, where she continues to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

In essence, Karen Flannery exemplifies the transformative potential of volunteerism, both within the Fraser Coast Laughter Club and the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre. Her dedication, leadership, and passion for fostering community well-being serve as an inspiration to volunteers and community leaders alike, reaffirming the invaluable role of volunteers in creating vibrant, supportive communities.