Kandi, a six-year-old Australian Cobberdog, graces Pawsitive Psychology with her presence as a therapy dog, dedicating 15 hours a week for the past two years to bring comfort to at least 60 individuals. Kandi’s striking brown merle fleece coat and heterochromatic eyes give her an endearing “old soul” appearance.

Kandi’s decision to volunteer stems from her gentle and calm demeanour, using her eyes as a means of profound communication. She has a knack for sensing distress and offering solace by leaning into people or cuddling up when needed. Particularly fond of men, Kandi brings out the gentle side in anyone she encounters.

Memorable moments for Kandi involve her mischievous side, evident during stubborn walks and playful ball thefts. Her owner recalls engaging in eye conversations to establish leadership during these charming escapades.

Kandi’s playfulness extends to stealing Toffee’s ball, showcasing her adorable antics.

Reflecting on encounters during volunteering, Kandi’s impact goes beyond her immediate presence. Having had two litters of six puppies each, many of her offspring have followed her path, becoming therapy, assistance, and companion dogs. With a focus on being a therapy dog, Kandi radiates joy and positivity in her interactions.

Describing her volunteer journey with a spirited “Whoof! Whoof!” Kandi playfully reveals her preference for male company, earning her the endearing label of a flirt. Her unique ability to connect with people and her playful nature have left a lasting impression on those she has assisted, making her volunteer journey truly special.

For those considering volunteering, Kandi’s story emphasises the unexpected joys and transformative experiences that come with dedicating time to a cause. With her captivating presence, Kandi showcases the power of connection and the joy that volunteering can bring to both volunteers and those they serve.