For Julie Gunn, volunteering has been a lifelong commitment to giving back to her community. Over the past 20 years, she has dedicated her time to various organisations, including women’s homeless shelters, arts centres, and animal shelters. Her decision to volunteer stemmed from a desire to make a difference, interact with different animals, and fulfill her passion for helping those in need. A pivotal moment occurred when she moved to Hervey Bay and became fascinated with turtles, prompting her to get involved in turtle conservation efforts.

Throughout her volunteer journey, Julie has had countless memorable experiences. From making connections with people to participating in the rehabilitation and release of a turtle back into the ocean, each moment has left a lasting impression on her. One encounter that stands out is her work with adults with a disability, where she met a joyful man whose positivity and spirit deeply impacted her.

Reflecting on her volunteer journey, Julie describes it as “fulfilling.” It has filled her heart with joy and provided her with invaluable experiences and connections. Her advice to others considering volunteering is simple: just do it! The rewards far outweigh the effort, and the impact you make on others’ lives will be immeasurable.