Julie-Ann Bradwyn, a dedicated volunteer with Fraser Coast Hospice, has been generously contributing her time and compassion for 20 months. In this period, she has invested 200 hours of service, making a significant impact by providing comfort and care to 150 people in their final days.

Julie-Ann’s motivation to volunteer is deeply personal, rooted in her own experiences of family members passing away in distant and less-than-ideal settings. Understanding the importance of a family-like environment at the end of life, she is committed to bringing comfort to those in need.

Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Julie-Ann shares, “I love being able to bring some comfort to someone.” Her contribution extends beyond emotional support; she brings joy to guests through her culinary skills. Guests eagerly anticipate her days, looking forward to the special meals she prepares. Julie-Ann takes pride in small gestures like making the best scrambled eggs or heating milk in winter, emphasising that it only takes a few minutes to make a significant difference.

The joy is evident when plates come back clean, reflecting the impact of Julie-Ann’s efforts. She finds inspiration in the dedicated team at Fraser Coast Hospice, where everyone shares a common goal and actively wants to be there, creating a rewarding and inspiring environment.

Julie-Ann believes in the power of giving back, stating, “Giving back to others makes you feel good.” She recognises the significance of small acts of kindness and the profound impact they can have on individuals in their final days.

Julie-Ann Bradwyn’s story exemplifies the transformative power of compassionate volunteering. Her commitment to creating a family-like atmosphere and providing comfort through small gestures highlights the invaluable role volunteers play in enhancing the end-of-life experience for individuals and their families.