Jill Rylatt, a devoted volunteer with Fraser Coast Hospice, has been contributing her time and compassion for an admirable 2 years and 2 months. Her journey into volunteering is deeply rooted in personal experience, having cared for her husband until his passing in mid-2020. Reflecting on this challenging time, Jill recognises the potential for a more supportive and comforting experience, and now she dedicates herself to providing that support to others through the Hospice.

Her firsthand experience motivates Jill to actively support the Hospice, knowing the profound impact such a service could have had for her late husband and their family. Through her volunteering efforts, she aims to contribute to creating a more compassionate and understanding environment for those facing similar situations.

In addition to the direct impact on others, Jill acknowledges the personal growth she has experienced through volunteering. She notes, “I think volunteering has helped me to increase my patience and tolerance of other people’s perspectives.” The diverse range of personalities and views encountered in her volunteer work has contributed to her enhanced understanding and acceptance of different perspectives.

Jill encourages everyone to give volunteering a try, stating, “There is nothing to lose and much you may gain.” She finds volunteering to be both informative and enlightening, emphasising the exposure to a wide range of personalities and perspectives as a valuable aspect of the experience.

Jill Rylatt’s story exemplifies the transformative power of turning personal challenges into meaningful contributions. Her dedication to Fraser Coast Hospice not only honours her late husband’s memory but also serves as an inspiration for others to give back and find personal growth through compassionate volunteerism.