Jenni Joy is a dedicated volunteer engaged with a diverse range of organisations, bringing her compassion and commitment to various causes. Her volunteering spans HBNC Youth Mentoring, St John’s Anglican Church, including pastoral care, youth ministry, op shop, and play group, the World Community for Christian Meditation, and the Queensland LEGO Users Group. While she has been involved in volunteering for over 30 years across different endeavours, her current commitments to these organisations total less than three years.

As a member of St John’s, Jenni actively contributes to pastoral care and youth ministry, aiming to extend love and support to individuals often overlooked by society. Her involvement in the op shop reflects a dedication to assisting people while preserving their dignity. At HBNC, Jenni channels her passion into youth mentoring, providing guidance and support to young individuals.

When asked what she does, Jenni proudly responds with “I volunteer,” emphasising the significant role it plays in her life. Volunteering has become an integral part of her identity, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact in various spheres.

Her volunteering journey is marked by encounters with numerous people and situations that have left a lasting impression on her. This breadth of experiences underscores the diverse and meaningful connections she has formed through her service.

For those considering volunteering, Jenni offers practical advice: “Don’t get involved unless you know how to say no when needed.” This wisdom highlights the importance of setting boundaries and managing one’s commitments to ensure sustainable and effective volunteering.

Describing her volunteering in one word or phrase, Jenni chooses “Varied.” Her engagement evolves with her family’s life stage and location, demonstrating her adaptability and willingness to contribute to different causes. Jenni’s story showcases the rich tapestry of her volunteer journey, reflecting a life dedicated to serving others in various capacities.