Janne Hardy, a dedicated volunteer with Fraser Coast Hospice, has generously contributed her time and compassion for almost two years, accumulating an impressive 850 hours of service. In that time, she has made a significant impact by providing support to approximately 350 people.

Janne’s motivation to volunteer stems from her extensive experience working with cancer families. Recognising the importance of facilities that assist individuals at the end of their lives and aid their families in coping, she felt compelled to contribute to Fraser Coast Hospice.

Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Janne emphasises the profound impact it has had on her. She notes, “You always get more out of volunteering than you put in, and the people you meet enrich your life and your view of humanity.” Janne acknowledges the exceptional qualities of the nurses working with end-of-life patients, describing them as “very special human beings.” By volunteering, she aims to support these healthcare professionals, freeing them to focus on their crucial work.

Summing up her volunteer journey in one word, Janne chooses “Enriching.” This term perfectly encapsulates the depth of fulfillment, the meaningful connections made, and the positive impact she has experienced while volunteering with Fraser Coast Hospice.

Janne Hardy’s story is a testament to the transformative power of compassionate volunteering. Her dedication not only enhances the quality of life for patients and their families but also enriches her own life through the valuable connections and perspectives gained.