For Jane Nauschutz, volunteering at the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre has been a deeply personal journey. Her decision to become a volunteer was driven by her love for her mother, who is a long-term member at the centre. Jane values the opportunity to connect with elderly individuals and provide support to those in need.

Through her years of volunteering, Jane has encountered numerous memorable moments that have profoundly impacted her perspective. Volunteering has opened her eyes to the challenges faced by many elderly people, shedding light on their struggles and inspiring her to make a difference in their lives.

One particular experience that left a lasting impression on Jane was encountering the diverse range of individuals she has met through her volunteer work. From different cultures to varying beliefs, Jane’s volunteer journey has enlightened her and broadened her understanding of the world around her.

Reflecting on her volunteer journey, Jane encourages others to give volunteering a try without any preconceived notions. She emphasises the importance of meeting people with an open mind and embracing the opportunity to make meaningful connections within the community.

In one word, Jane describes her volunteer journey as “enlightening.” Through her interactions with a diverse range of individuals, Jane has gained valuable insights and perspectives, enriching her own life while making a positive impact on others in her community.