Jan Brumby’s volunteer journey began two decades ago when she noticed a need at the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre. With her wealth of experience, Jan felt compelled to lend a helping hand, becoming an integral part of the centre’s mission to serve the community.

Throughout her time as a volunteer, Jan has encountered a diverse range of programs and people, each contributing to her sense of fulfillment in giving back to the community. Volunteering has shaped her perspective, allowing her to witness firsthand the positive impact that collective efforts can have on those in need.

One particularly memorable aspect of Jan’s volunteer experience is the opportunity to introduce new volunteers to the organisation. By guiding them slowly and discovering their interests, Jan ensures that each volunteer can find their place and make a meaningful contribution.

Reflecting on her volunteer journey, Jan describes it as one of “enjoyment.”

For her, the joy comes not only from the act of giving back but also from the connections formed and the sense of purpose gained through volunteering. Jan’s commitment to serving others stands as a testament to the power of community and the difference that one person can make.