Hello there everyone, it's your feathered friend and therapist extraordinaire, Henny Penny clucking in to say a warm hello from my cozy garden here at the Biggenden Multi-Purpose Health Service. With a beak full of wisdom and feathers that exude calm, I am no ordinary chook. I’m a compassionate fowl that struts through the halls and gardens, providing a unique brand of therapy to our beloved aged care patients. I wanted to share a little secret with you all...I absolutely love attending church with all the residents on those special gatherings. There’s something about the harmonious tunes and the sense of togetherness that really warm my chicken heart. I’d perch myself right outside the glass door, quietly clucking along in rhythm with the hymns. It was my own little feathery way of joining in the chorus of joy. Oh, and let me tell you about the delightful soul who makes my days brighter. Every morning, like clockwork, one of the lovely residents would graciously feed me and usher me into the world for the day. What a treat it was! I felt like the belle of the hospital, strutting around with a newfound sense of purpose. From gentle clucks to comforting wing flutters, I bring a sense of joy and companionship. Indeed, my magical touch extends beyond the physical realm, the soft rustles of feathers whispers tales of comfort, weaving a tapestry of healing energy that transcends the ordinary. Patients find solace in my presence, a reminder that companionship, wrapped in the warmth of feathers, holds the key to both physical and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes the simplest gestures have the most profound impact on someone‘s journey to recover. If you‘re feeling a little eggstra fragile or just need someone to peck you up, fear not! I am always here to help, my cluck is on duty 24/7, ready to wing it through tough times with a beak full of encouragement and a feathered flair. Wishing you all sunny days, joyful clucks and moment of serenity. Feathered hugs and beak kisses, Henny Penny.