Gena Davis, a passionate soccer enthusiast, has dedicated five years of her life to volunteering for the Kawungan Sandy Straits Jets FC. Spending 15 hours a week on her commitment, she has made a significant impact, helping approximately 450 members within a committee of 19, with nine individuals on her team.

Gena’s decision to volunteer for the soccer club stems from her love for the sport, shared with her children. Soccer is not just a game for her; it’s a passion that she endeavours to instil in others. Her commitment extends to promoting local sports and encouraging families and children to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

A memorable chapter in Gena’s volunteer journey includes being honoured as the Volunteer Club Person of the Year in 2023 for the Kawungan Sandy Straits Jets Club. Another significant moment was when she was elected as the President of the club. These recognitions underscore Gena’s dedication and positive impact on the club.

Reflecting on lasting impressions, Gena finds fulfillment in training kids, witnessing their skill development, and observing their growth. For those contemplating volunteering, she offers straightforward advice: “Volunteering is fulfilling, and one person can make a difference! Go for it. Volunteer.”

Describing her volunteer journey as “Fulfilling,” Gena captures the essence of joy derived from helping others while engaging in an activity she loves. Her commitment to soccer, coupled with her desire to contribute to the well-being of her community, showcases the transformative power of volunteering. Gena’s story serves as an inspiration for others to embrace their passions and make a positive impact through volunteerism.