Diana Wylde stands as a shining example of generosity and compassion, dedicating her time and energy to serving her community through various volunteer initiatives. From her involvement with HBNC and Artslink to fostering 34 children, and assisting 20 international students, Diana’s dedication to assisting others has made a lasting impression on numerous lives.

Diana’s decision to volunteer was driven by a deep-seated desire to give back to her community. With a heart full of compassion and a willingness to lend a helping hand, she eagerly sought out opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of those around her. For Diana, the act of giving brings immense joy and fulfillment, motivating her to continue her selfless work. Through her years of volunteer service, Diana has not only enriched the lives of others but has also undergone a personal transformation. Volunteering has helped her become a better person, instilling in her a greater sense of empathy, kindness, and understanding. One of the most memorable experiences in Diana’s volunteer journey has been her role as a foster parent to 34 children—a responsibility she cherishes and holds close to her heart.

Inspired by the dedication and selflessness of individuals like Annette from Artslink, Diana finds motivation to continue her volunteer work day after day. Annette’s tireless efforts in serving the community serve as a constant reminder of the impact that one person can have when they commit themselves to making a difference.

For Diana, volunteering is not just a duty—it is a deeply rewarding experience that brings fulfillment and purpose to her life. Whether she is assisting international students, supporting community organisations, or fostering children in need, Diana finds joy in knowing that her efforts are making a meaningful difference in the world.

Diana says, “I could not have done the things I have been able to do without my husband Peter. He has been by my side for 63yrs and always assists with all the volunteer work I do.”

As she continues her journey of service and compassion, Diana Wylde serves as an inspiration to us all. Through her unwavering dedication to helping others and her boundless generosity of spirit, she embodies the true essence of volunteerism—a commitment to making the world a better place for all.