Christine Patterson has dedicated five years to volunteering with various organisations including the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre, Fraser Coast Cancer Council, and Hervey Bay Active Horse Riders. Her decision to volunteer stemmed from a simple desire to help and contribute to the community.

Through her volunteering journey, Christine has cherished many memorable experiences, finding joy in stepping out of her comfort zone and relishing the interactions with others. Volunteering has not only impacted her life positively but has also shaped her perspective, allowing her to appreciate the value of friendship and fellowship.

Reflecting on her journey, Christine encourages others to embrace volunteering with the advice to “feel the fear and do it anyway.” She encourages others to embrace an organisation that has touched you in some way. She believes that out in our community there is a great deal to be done in even the smallest of ways.

“The gratitude from people you come in contact with allows you to do more. I say come join in and see what can be your Volunteer Organisation,” She says.