In the heart of Hervey Bay’s Historical Village & Museum, Brian Taylor has dedicated an impressive 20 years to preserving history and creating a unique space that captivates visitors. Estimating his volunteer hours in the thousands, Brian’s impact on the museum’s growth and success is immeasurable.

Brian’s journey into volunteering with the Historical Village & Museum was born out of a twist of fate. Originally intending to volunteer at Riding for the Disabled (RDA), he found himself drawn to the museum during the interim. Recognising the potential of his mechanical and computer skills in restoration and promotion, he decided to invest his time there.

“I thought, ‘what a good place to volunteer’, and that my mechanics skills could be valuable in restoration. This proved to be the case,” Brian shares.

The Historical Village & Museum celebrated its 50th anniversary in March 2024, and Brian reflected on the memorable experiences that have shaped his volunteer journey. Seeing the museum transform into a major local attraction and receiving prestigious awards, including the Fraser Coast Heritage & Culture Award, has been immensely gratifying. Brian’s involvement in creating the museum’s website, initiating demonstrations, restoring vehicles, and designing the Rope Display stand as proud achievements.

The camaraderie among volunteers, including Historian John Andersen, is a source of great respect and inspiration for Brian. His advice to potential volunteers emphasises the importance of observing the dynamics within an organisation.

“Have a good look around and see how the volunteers feel and how they interact,” Brian said.

Describing his volunteer journey in one phrase, Brian chooses “Rewarding and fulfilling.” His dedication to the Historical Village & Museum has not only left a mark on the local community but has also enriched his own life, providing a sense of fulfillment that comes from contributing to the preservation of history and the cultural heritage of Hervey Bay.