Anthony and Ilona Rodgers have been dedicated volunteers at the Hervey Bay Citizens Centre for the past 5 years, where they share their passion for ballroom dancing with the community. Their decision to volunteer was driven by a desire to help others and provide a space for ballroom dancing enthusiasts.

Reflecting on their volunteer journey, Anthony and Ilona highlight the joy and sense of fulfillment they experience. Volunteering has not only kept them young at heart but has also uplifted and inspired them, demonstrating the transformative power of giving back.

One memorable aspect of their volunteering experience is encountering individuals who have left a lasting impression. Their advice to potential volunteers is simple: just dive in and share the knowledge and experiences gained with the next generation.

Describing their journey as “inspirational” and “rewarding,” Anthony and Ilona emphasise the importance of inspiring others to find joy and fulfillment in helping their community, echoing the positive impact volunteering has had on their own lives.