Ann Spring, a compassionate volunteer with Fraser Coast Hospice, has dedicated 1 year and 8 months, contributing a valuable 200 hours of service. As a retired nurse, Ann brings a deep understanding of the crucial need for end-of-life care facilities within the community.

Having witnessed the importance of empathic care in her nursing career, Ann recognises the vital role that the Fraser Coast Hospice plays in providing comfort and support to clients, their families, and friends in their final days. Her motivation to volunteer stems from this awareness and a desire to actively contribute to the community.

Reflecting on her volunteer experience, Ann expresses, “Volunteering in this role is a very fulfilling experience and gives me a sense of worthiness.” She emphasises the caring and empathic nature of the nursing staff and fellow volunteers, underscoring the importance of their collective support for clients and their loved ones.

Ann encourages others to consider volunteering, describing it as “self rewarding.” In her view, volunteering not only offers personal fulfillment but also enhances a sense of worthiness. She stresses the rewarding nature of this necessary community service and the positive impact it has on both volunteers and the individuals they serve.

Ann Spring’s story is a testament to the meaningful contributions retired professionals can make to the community through volunteering. Her commitment to the Fraser Coast Hospice exemplifies the self-rewarding nature of compassionate service and the invaluable role it plays in fostering a supportive and caring community.