The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) is dedicated to providing friendship and companionship to older people who may be experiencing social isolation. 

Who we can help

We understand the importance of fostering meaningful connections and aim to reach out to older people who may benefit from companionship and support.

Visits are available to anyone who: 

  • Receives government-subsidised residential aged care or Home Care Packages, including care recipients approved or on the National Priority System for residential or home care packages.
  • Is socially isolated. 

How we can help

Volunteer visitors provide friendship and companionship to older people, while helping to develop social connections.

Through one-on-one visits, ACVVS volunteers help meet the diverse needs of older people, including those from linguistic, cultural, and complex vulnerability backgrounds.

Our focus is on reaching out to those who may be at a greater risk of social isolation, ensuring that they feel valued, heard, and connected within their communities.

Volunteer or find out more

If you would like to become a volunteer visitor with ACVVS, please get in touch today.

Volunteer with us

To learn more about ACVVS, send an email and one of our friendly team will be in contact. You can also give us a call on 4194 3000.

Find out about ACVVS

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme is funded by the Australian Government.