The Youth Mentoring program supports young people within the school system (7-17 years old) who are experiencing difficulty interacting, participating and contributing to the community in positive, constructive and respectful ways.  We match students up with trained Volunteer Mentors who visit students one to 2 times per week at school and provide positive support by listening, assisting with goal setting, helping them to recognise their strengths & develop them, and be a sounding board for ideas and problems. Through these relationships and friendships, mentors will provide positive feedback to encourage young people to achieve their goals in life (i.e. education, training, employment and intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual development).

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To refer a young person to the YMP Program, they need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a student at a local Hervey Bay Primary or Secondary School on our service list
  • Identify that they are likely to benefit from being linked with a mentor
  • Be willing to participate in the Mentoring Program
  • Have parent/guardian/carer permission to participate in the Mentoring Program
  • Self-refer to the program to obtain mentor support
  • Be referred to the program by the school Guidance Officer or Chaplain or other Staff Member

Becoming a volunteer mentor

The Youth Mentoring Program is also constantly recruiting Volunteers to become Mentors as part of our Program.  To become a Youth Mentor you need to have an interest and enthusiasm for working with young people and a genuine concern and empathy for the issues they face.   Prospective Volunteer Mentors also need to complete the following:

Volunteer Interview with the YMP Coordinator

  • Register as a Volunteer with the HBNC
  • Obtain or Have a Working With Children Blue Card (can apply through HBNC if you do not have one)
  • Complete an online training course covering policies & procedures, child protection, child & youth development, and mentoring skills
  • Donate 1-2 hours per week to visit a young person on school grounds for a mentoring session


The Youth Mentoring Program relies on generous donations and fundraising efforts to keep the program running.

Please donate to our Youth Mentoring Appeal to support us!

The Youth Garage

A free weekly program for 12-18 years old to help them recognise and develop their strengths. Call Youth Mentoring on 4194 300 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot. Booking is essential.  

Contact us

For more information on the Youth Mentoring Program- either to refer someone or to volunteer, please contact:

Youth Mentoring Program

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 4194 3000

or visit our contact us page for more details