Every first and third Monday at the Neighbourhood Centre, you’ll see a group of individuals called the Hervey Bay Writers group.

Led By Hayley Godfrey; they are all there to share one passion, writing.

Hayley Godfrey who has a bachelor's in creative writing from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Upon moving to Hervey Bay, she created a group similar to what she experienced whilst attending meetings of the Sunshine Coast Writer’s Group, where she served as treasurer. With a giving, kind, and gentle heart, and soul. She uses her knowledge from both university and the Sunshine Coast Writer’s Group to give back to the community.

The Hervey Bay Writers group: is also a time where she serves as a mentor.

It started slowly, but now is growing. Full testament to Miss Godfrey.

Hayley is also a passionate volunteer at the Hervey Bay Library.

The Group has main stayers, and newbies.

One of the members and main stayer is Colin Herbert. Who is benefiting from the group. Through Hayley’s, and other’s mentoring is succeeding in his chosen genre. Graphic Novella.

He is currently creating a graphic novella on time-travel. I hope to read it soon.  

Colin credits Hayley for introducing him to new theories of writing.

He also credits the group; as a think tank, where feedback on projects is given, and the social catch up.

She motivates the group by; researching, introduction of topic’s, exercises, and writing techniques to help the participants learn the craft.

It is unique group; where all ages, personalities, and abilities are all welcome.

Also, it is warm, sociable where new friendships are created. 

For newbies, you will be captivated by Hayley’s energy.

As, she is a welcoming, caring, and a warm mentor.

Her guidance will help you express yourself in the written form, in kindness, and without judgement.

Hayley hopes to pass what she learned to others, as for her giving nature.

Through teaching them techniques, and knowledge she gained at the University.

“Handing them the Toolbox” she said, happily, and with pride.  

Her hopes for the group are for it to grow and succeed.

So, she can still pass on her passion, legacy, and love for the quill.


If you’re in the Neighbourhood Centre; every first and third Monday of the month.

Please, join in. You may find it fascinating and decide to become a member yourself.


Thank you to Hayley Godfrey, and The Hervey Bay Writers Group.

For the first article for Nathan Corner.


This article is a personal thank you to Hayley mentorship throughout the years.

Again, Thank you Hayley.