Throughout my life, I have tried to give back.

Volunteering is a noble thing to do. To give back makes a difference.

Most of the stories in the Fraser Coast Volunteer Heroes Storybook are about local community members achieving the extraordinary.

Their stories are inspiring, and worth a read.

Themes all the way through include inspiration, selflessness, community, achievement and social engagement.

Inspiration: To inspire someone is to help, and nurture them. 

Selflessness: To be grateful and giving, to show gratitude, and to assist people who can't help themselves.

Community: To play a vital role in the community. Volunteers are the salt of the Earth, by giving their time to assist the community, through good times and bad.

Achievement: To achieve a personal or team goal. To aim for something each day, and try to achieve it.

Social Engagement: To build friendship and teamwork, and cure loneliness. Social engagement is great for mental health.

Volunteers generally ask for nothing in return.

They are born with servant hearts and happy to give back.

I have been volunteering throughout my life. I still am, and I love it.

I worked in the local libraries, Meals on Wheels, reception, and recently started writing these articles for HBNC.

During this journey, I have picked up many skills, made friendships and created connections.

Skills I have picked up include learning the value of work when volunteering - to get up every morning, learn different skill sets, and to learn about having a work ethic.

By making friendships, I have learned that humanity is wonderful and loneliness can be cured by capturing the spirit of the community and its people.

If you are not working, consider volunteering.

Not only will you pick up skills and make friends, you will also create connections in the community.

Remember - your next boss could be watching you, and if they like what see, who knows what could happen?

As the old saying goes: It is not what you know, it's who you know!

I credit volunteering for my past, present and future successes.

I have met so many people, learned the value of work and created connections.

Being a volunteer is not hard; you just need the motivation, attitude and will.

There is no judgment. After all, you are learning, and there are people from all walks of life.

If you are looking to give back, challenge yourself and make friends in the process, please consider joining either HBNC or another local organisation to make a difference.

It will change your life.

Thank you to HBNC for this opportunity.

Nathan Koroi.

Nathan’s Corner.