Hello, my name is Nathan Koroi. 

I am excited to start volunteering as one of the contributors for the HBNC website.  

I am an aspiring writer. Last year, I wrote an article about one of HBNC’s Community Navigators, which was published in Alive magazine.

It would be a great pleasure to continue telling inspiring stories about our community. 

I am also a published author, having recently written a novel called Diaries of an Artist

This will be a book series. The first novel is already published and it will be launched soon. 

Plus, I also write articles, like I will be doing for the HBNC website. 

I hope I will provide you with stories that will uplift, inspire and contribute positively around the Frasier Coast. 

I am humbled and honoured by this opportunity. 

Thank you.

Nathan Koroi.