As BLOOM: Melodies in the Moonlight continues to celebrate the diverse musical talents of the Fraser Coast, one group poised to leave a lasting impression is the Hervey Bay City Musicians Strings. This ensemble, with over 30 years of history in Hervey Bay, brings a unique blend of classical and contemporary music to the enchanting setting of the Botanic Garden Outdoor Chapel.

Kellie List, a prominent member of HBCM Strings, shares insights into the ensemble's journey and their upcoming performance at BLOOM.

A Journey Rooted in Community and Growth

"Hervey Bay City Musicians Strings are a community of like-minded people participating in the development of musical ensembles in the Fraser Coast Region. HBCM have been rehearsing in Hervey Bay for over 30 years with various active ensembles. Previously focusing on the younger population, the organisation recognised the limited playing opportunities for adult string musicians, and in 2017 HBCM Strings expanded membership to include professional and advanced members of all ages. The change of direction has seen the ensemble reach outstanding levels of performance competency."

Balancing Classical and Contemporary Repertoire

Despite their classical training, the musicians of HBCM Strings have a broad range of musical tastes that they love to share with their audience. Kellie explains:

"Despite being an ensemble of classically trained musicians, our tastes are broad and we like to explore a variety of repertoire, satisfying both ensemble and audience. Our performances have a noticeable cultural influence, featuring musical characteristics from around the world."

The Dynamics and Joys of a Large Ensemble

Performing with a large ensemble brings its own set of challenges and rewards. Kellie highlights the importance of coordination and unity within the group:

"The most challenging aspect for a large ensemble is coordinating performance dates around the numerous other commitments our members have, significantly work, study, and family. Despite being a large ensemble, to perform at our very best every member is integral, so we endeavour to include everyone wherever possible. We're a team, a musical family, we genuinely care about each other, so it's important to us we present ourselves as a complete unit. We love playing, love sharing our joy of playing, and doing it together makes it even more special."

Anticipation for the Botanic Gardens Performance

Kellie and the rest of the HBCM Strings are eagerly looking forward to their performance at the Botanic Garden Outdoor Chapel:

"HBCM Strings is one of the Fraser Coast's best-kept secrets. We're excited to introduce ourselves to a new audience who we know will be left in awe at the level of professionalism of the region's string musicians. Combining the skills and repertoire of HBCM Strings with the night time atmosphere of the Botanical Gardens, it's guaranteed to be a memorable occasion for all."

Join Hervey Bay City Musicians Strings at BLOOM: Melodies in the Moonlight for an unforgettable evening of music, nature, and community. With their diverse repertoire and heartfelt performances, HBCM Strings promises to create a magical experience under the stars.