Media Release for Homelessness Week

2 – 7 August 2020

This year the theme for Homelessness Week is Everybody Needs a Home.  Homelessness has increased by 13.7% in 4 years and 2 out of 5 people who are homeless are under the age of 25 in Australia.

We are raising money to support vulnerable young people who are homeless in our region. Click here to view our Appeal.

In an effort to better understand the characteristics of our local vulnerable children and young people, the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre conducted a Youth Homelessness Survey as part of the Fraser Coast Social Plan. Nearly 5000 young people in our area responded revealing that 2% of young people aged between 12-17 years were homeless in the Fraser Coast on any given night, that is 97 young people. Additionally, 5.2% also said they had experienced homelessness at some point in their life, that is 253 young people. Additionally, 14% reported that they felt unsafe in their home, that is 680 young people.

Tanya Stevenson, CEO of HBNC said, “Vulnerable young people, such as those with a history of traumatic family experiences are more likely than their peers to experience homelessness. In 2016, around 19,400 children (0.4%) aged 0–14 were homeless on Census night. In 2017–18, almost half of children (45% or 29,600) receiving specialist homelessness services accessed these services for interpersonal reasons such as domestic and family violence or family breakdown”.

 Melissa Lay, Youth Centre Coordinator for the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre provides the Reconnect Youth Service aimed at providing early intervention and prevention programs for young people aged 12 to 18 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and their families. Melissa said, “Reconnect works with young people to prevent homelessness by intervening early with families to stabilise and improve their housing situation and improve their level of engagement with family, education, training, employment and their local community”.


The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre also has two e-books available via their website: Resources on “Help – my child has run away” and “Host – I am caring for a child who has run away or been kicked out of home”. For more support please call 41 943000.


Help us to reach our $25,000 goal to assist youth who are homeless