A beautiful mural now adorns the wall of the Bub Hub shipping container at the Neighbourhood Hive.

This was completed by Cath Hanley, one of the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre’s valued volunteers.

Two hot air balloons fly near a rainbow, over a flower filled field, and on the other side, a gentle path leads to a red roofed house, beside apple trees. Little animals can also be found meandering through the scene.

The design and beginning of the mural was contributed to by artists Beke and Casie, with Cath completing the painting.

The mural took Cath about eight full days to paint.

Cath’s painting plans do not stop there. She will paint a second mural in the adjoining playground. Whales and other local animals will soon cover the walls.

Cath has volunteered at the Hervey bay Neighbourhood Centre since April this year and is known for her creative touches around the place.

Cath has been creative her whole life, and community members who visit The Neighbourhood Hive and Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre are now benefitting from her skills.

Drop in to The Neighbourhood Hive to see the mural, and check out venue hire options.

The boutique inside Bub Hub is facilitated by City Women; and Bay Families support new parents at playgroup.

The Bub Hub space can be hired for any children’s activities, and use of the playground is included in any booking. Go to venue hire for more information.