For Kylie O'Brien, completing hospitality training with HBNC has done more than get her ready for a job. It's completely changed her life.

Kylie, a single mum of 7, was inspired to join HBNC's Local Industry Futures Training (LIFT) program after her son completed the 10-week program.

It was the first step she had taken towards employment since becoming a mum at 16, and it was the start of an exciting new chapter.

After completing the Industry Ready Training course, Kylie was invited back as a mentor for the next round of training.

She then connected with HBNC team member, Lesa Stagg, who invited her to join the Skilling Queenslanders for Work hospitality training, delivered in partnership with HBNC's social enterprise, The Wandering Teapot.

Kylie's response was simple - "why not?"

This positive attitude and willingness to try new things has not only given Kylie the confidence to pursue all new employment opportunities, it has also transformed her personal and family life.

Kylie says she approaches life with a new-found confidence, which has made her a better mum and increased her belief in herself.

Watch Kylie's story to learn more about the life-changing impact of HBNC's job readiness programs.