Tenancy Skills has gone virtual!

Our ‘Online Classroom’ platform is up and running AND we now have our first two Skillsets for Successful Tenancies – Dollars and Sense courses open for enrolment. As the learning space for these courses is virtual, students with access to the internet can now participate from anywhere in Queensland.

What is Tenancy Skills?

Finding a private rental can be tough - Stand out from the crowd

Have an advantage when applying for rental properties - gain the skills and knowledge to ensure you secure and maintain that next tenancy. We will be delivering Skillsets for Successful Tenancies - Dollars and Sense, a free, competency-based course which up skills people who are wanting to enter the private rental market.

Upon completion, graduates receive a certificate which may be recognised by real estate agents when applying for a private rental tenancy.

To be able to do the Course?

Do you have access to a device – i.e. a computer, tablet or a ‘smartphone’ – with a stable internet connection and can download the Zoom Meeting App and live streaming capabilities, you can enrol and complete the Skillsets for Successful Tenancies – Dollars and Sense course and gain their Certificate of Attainment.

Tenancy Skillsets Course Detail

Topic Covered:

  • Communication
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Maintaining and Cleaning a property
  • Finances and Budgeting

When is the next course held?

Course 1 will commence - New Dates Coming Soon
Course 2 will commence - New Dates Coming Soon.

Both courses will run from 10.00 am until 12.30pm each day utilising ‘ZOOM’ as a platform, and will cover both content and assessment.

You can access the course through our website, or feel free to share the links added below for each course.

Online Access

View the Online Classroom Tenancy Skill Courses Available

Visit the Tenancy Skills Website

Each course is delivered over 2 days (5 hours per day) and attendance for the full 10 hours of the course is required in order to receive a completion certificate.

For more information visit: www.tenancyskills.com.au/skillsets or email [email protected]