An innovative idea to get school leavers ready for the "real world" has taken out the latest Pitch Night Community Choice award.

Cooking Classes for Young Adults, presented by Lewis Akaveka, received $2500 thanks to NBN Local.

Lewis pitched his idea at the October Pitch Night. It struck a chord with online voters, taking out the Community Choice award with more than 200 votes on Facebook.

The idea involves providing free cooking classes, recipes and budgeting tips for Fraser Coast school leavers to get them ready as they head off to university or into the workforce.

Lewis, who finishes Year 12 this year, said it was his and his friends' experience that inspired the idea.

"All my friends and I, we're not the best at spending money wisely, so less money on food and more cooking skills, especially learning to share it around, I'm sure will help people save money," Lewis said.

Lewis plans to work with volunteer instructors to help get the classes going.

Lewis Akaveka with NBN Local Community Ambassador, Karen Shipp.

Karen Shipp, Community Ambassador for NBN Local, said the company was thrilled to support Lewis' idea.

"We're very happy to be involved in anything to do with the community," Karen said.

"We're excited for Lewis. I thought his idea was awesome and can't wait to see where he goes with it and how many mums he can get to share their special budget recipes.

Karen even had a stage two idea for Lewis to think about.

"Maybe we might see a special online recipe book for students," she said.

Lewis will now begin planning the classes and partnering with instructors. Stay tuned for updates.