Our exciting new community space, The Neighbourhood Hive, is steadily taking shape.

Located in the former Rock Off building on Boat Harbour Dr, the Hive is a unique project aimed at combatting loneliness and isolation and giving the Fraser Coast a place where people from all generations and walks of life can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

This new community space will provide a home for locals who want to try something new, connect with like-minded people or start a project they’ve always dreamed of but never had space for. We want the Neighbourhood Hive to be a place where the community is free to try new things, learn new skills and make connections.

We have secured an amazing space for this new venture and ideas are flowing. Now we need some equipment to make it as valuable to the community as it can be.

We have put together a wish list of items we hope to have donated, or to purchase at an affordable price:

  • Pool table
  • Table tennis tables
  • Bean bags
  • Lounges and comfortable chairs
  • Moveable wall dividers
  • Standing basketball ring
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor tables and chairs
  • Outdoor umbrellas x 2
  • Computers
  • Televisions x 2
  • Air conditioner
  • Plants
  • Murals painted by local artists
  • Sewing machines
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Recycled timber and electrical goods
  • Workbench
  • Books 
  • Baby change table (wall mounted)
  • Electrical (30 LED lights, 4 x GPO, Fire safety exits etc)
  • Shelving for storage
  • Caravan
  • Filing cabinets
  • Musical instruments
  • Toys
  • Paint

If you can help us secure any of the items on our wish list, please call (07) 4194 3000 or email [email protected].

These items, including computers, equipment for babies, air conditioners and sporting gear, will help make sure The Neighbourhood Hive is a dynamic space with something for everyone.

The Hive has been established to help achieve the goals of the Fraser Coast Social Plan, which helps us to understand what contributes to our unique lifestyle and outline some actions needed as we strive for the best possible social outcomes for the Fraser Coast Community.

It provides a longer-term view of the social direction of our community and identifies short term activities and goals to help us achieve the vision.