In a society where opportunities can be scarce and jobseekers often struggle to find their footing, programs like Industry Ready Training (IRT) and Our Voice (for under 18s) provide a beacon of hope.

Kyisha, Clint, and Luiz, three people who have experienced the transformative impact of these programs, shared their inspiring journeys of personal growth, skill development and newfound confidence.

Kyisha, who had been facing employment challenges, recalled reaching out to HBNC’s employment coach via Facebook as a turning point in her life.

Reflecting on her Our Voice experience, Kyisha highlights the positive impact it had on her self-assurance.

"I did a trial last week for hairdressing because I'm wanting to do that as a career. That just helped me build up my confidence," Kyisha said.

Luiz's motivation for joining the program stemmed from her desire to expand her knowledge and social circle.

"I joined the five-week program after the 10-week program to keep learning. I wanted to be a little bit more social, get to see what's out there, and get to know the community a lot better," Luiz said.

Luiz also acknowledged the program's impact on her employment prospects.

"I actually did get a work trial from the 10-week program and I also managed to land a volunteer job because of the program. That built up my confidence," she said.

Clint, who was referred to the program, was seeking motivation, interview skills, and a support network as a single father.

IRT proved to be a lifeline for him, offering not only the guidance he needed but also providing avenues for counselling and mediation. Clint, with his extensive experience in hospitality, decided to further enhance his skills by pursuing a Certificate II in Cookery. The program empowered him to regain confidence and reignite his passion for cooking, ultimately reigniting his career prospects.

When asked about the highlights of their IRT experience, Clint shared his appreciation for industry visits, while Kyisha emphasised the program's support and its impact on her social life.

"They are always there for you if you need help. It helped me be more social, making friends and getting to know the community better and what's out there," Kyisha said.

Luiz's highlight revolved around overcoming her social barriers.

"I was antisocial. I wouldn't talk to anyone. But because of the programs, I've been able to somewhat build that, to going out and talking to a lot more people," she said.

The program's positive influence has left a lasting impression on all three participants.

"It helps a lot. The Our Voice team are amazing and very friendly," Kyisha said.

Luiz echoed this sentiment, highlighting the potential of IRT to bring about positive change within the community.

"It helps the community, helps people get more jobs and have some more support," Luiz said.

Clint expressed his gratitude and acknowledges the program's pivotal role in his achievements.

"I wouldn't have achieved what I have without the program," he said.

Industry Ready Training and Our Voice are more than just programs; they are a catalyst for transformation.

Through empowering jobseekers, fostering self-belief, and equipping with the skills and connections necessary for success, IRT and Our Voice are opening doors and illuminating pathways towards a brighter future.

The stories of Kyisha, Clint, and Luiz serve as testaments to the life-changing potential of these programs, inspiring hope and demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit.

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